SERVOLIFT provides for all areas of pharmacy, chemistry and food industry complete handling-, blending- and cleaning technologies.

The development and production of blenders, lifters, mobile units, containers, cleaning systems as well as special solutions according to customers requirements are our strength.

As company with more than 120 employees, we have an internationally leading market position.

Handling Systems
SERVOLIFT Handling Systems are developed for the universal application of the most different bins. They are cGMP-compatible and comply with all valid EN safety regulations. The ideal application area is e.g. the exact positioning of bins or containers above a tablet press. They are space saving because of their lean design and additionally are characterised through the simple handling and easy cleaning as a result of smooth surfaces.

  • loading capacities up to 4.000 kg
  • various customer specific designs
  • dust protection through cover band at the lifter
  • telescopable lift arm possible
  • cGMP/FDA-compatible design in stainless steel
  • assembly in all potentially explosive areas according RL 94/4/EG (ATEX 95)
  • various bin and container supports possible
  • low maintenance construction

Pharmaceutical Containers 
SERVOLIFT containers are developed especially for the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Special emphasis was placed on the design to be easily cleaned. The construction can be modulated to the particlar demand. They build our SERVOLIFT-System together with our Container Blenders and the Handling Systems. The range includes stackable or mobile transport or storage containers, various volumes and geometries as well as customized containers.

SERVOLIFT offers solutions for every possible blendig task. The delivery program includes standard bins as well as customer specific storage and transport bins any design and capacities from 10 litres up to 6.000 litres. The product portfolio offers small Laboratory Blenders and 2-axle-Blenders up to the huge Bin-Blenders for the best possible blending results.

Cleaning Systems
In addition to the handling-and blender systems, SERVOLIFT also offers cleaning systems. The product line consists of simple drum cleaning racks, mobile cleaning stations and complex chamber systems.

SERVOLIFT equipment shows a GMP correct design and safety standard, based on the most strict rules of Germany and Europe:

  • Hygienical requirements
  • Materials and surface for product / water contact parts according GMP / FDA requirements
  • Programming / documentation according GAMP 4 oder 5
  • Quality according DIN ISO 9000 approved
  • custom made design

The new ServoWitt is especially developed and designed for pharmaceutical use. ServoWitt is a union of cone mill and mobile lifter, with a large range of hight adjustment. The machine is suitable for dispensing, wet and dry calibration and fragmentation processes , wherever granulates with homogenous particle sizes are needed.

Because of the low weight, the sieving station is very easy to handle and extremely variable in its use. The machine is manually movable and easy to position by its ergonomic handle. The control panel with steering handle, press button, potentiometer and display of frequency is integrated on the backside of the column and easy to reach for the operator.

The inlet and outlet are equipped with standardized Triclamp connections (DIN 32676) to diversify the allrounder in its use.

For cleaning purposes, the sieving head can be dismantled only by releasing the Triclamp connections without tools. The head can be removed at any user-defined height.

SERVOLIFT Weighted Sample.

Weigh in of excipients, agents as well as active substances.

Statement of the problem:
The weigh in out of different bins as e.g. bags, cardboard boxes, Big Bags, drums und containers due to weight default. Depending on customer demand a manual, semiautomtic or fully automatic implementation can be realized. The integrated weighing cells get assembled modularly on the SERVOLIFT support arm and integrated in the column, respectively.

To achieve a optimal system configuration, the parameter of the weighing technique get realized according to the individual guidelines of the customer. Besides the involvement of different weighing machines a connection to a process control system is possible. The implementation of software solutions according to Gamp 5 guidelines completes the high quality of the control conceptions.

SERVOLIFT offers you a variable and flexible system which is intended to meet your requirements and delivers you an overall concept without additional interfaces and an elaborated operation- and weighing technique.



  • Handling Systems
  • Container IBC’s, Drums
  • Blenders
  • Cleaning Systems
  • Sieving
  • Weighing

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