Rommelag ENGINEERING is the inventor of blow-fill-seal technology (BFS) and the global market leader in the aseptic filling of liquids and semisolids with its bottelpack® machines. 
Our machines are primarily used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. Together with our customers, we develop innovative packaging solutions tailored precisely to the specific packaging task in hand.


The blow-fill-seal process is an excellent choice in many fields when flexible, rapid, and cost-effective manufacturing solutions are required:

·       Pharmaceutical industry (injection solutions, opthalmic products, etc.) 

·       Chemical industry (cleaning products, lubricating oils, antifreeze, etc.)

·       Veterinary medicine (medication, etc.)

·       Food industry (functional food, etc.)

·       Automotive (oil, grease, lubricant, etc.)

·       Agriculture industry (pheromones, etc.)

·       Cosmetics industry (creams, gels, lotions, etc.)

Major products/services
Rommelag’s bottelpack machines are capable of manufacturing up to 34,000 containers an hour in a wide variety of forms and plastic blends, with filling volumes ranging from 0.04 to 10,000 ml, aseptically, and taking all the applicable pharmaceutical regulations into account. The advantages of contamination-free filling in shatterproof plastic containers are complemented by an almost unlimited array of application-specific packaging designs, low production costs, high output rates, and a minimal machinery footprint.


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Rommelag bottelpack
Rommelag bottelpack
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