LAST Technology
1Supplier reppresent Last Technology only for the Autoclaves division. 
LAST Technology is the worldwide provider for cleaning, decontamination, disinfection and sterilization equipment for the life science sector. LAST takes its name from the Italian words “LAvaggio” (washing) and “STerilizzazione” (sterilization) combined together with the concept of “latest” as the most innovative and newest, and “lasting” to describe durability and reliability of its products.
A group of experienced managers incorporated the company in Prata di Pordenone, a town near Venice (Italy). Starting with the idea of a business center of excellence, this young and innovative company is, thanks to the continuous investments in high standards and research, a leader in engineering and manufacturing, designing and developing the most innovative and effective technologies for the improvement of the quality of life of everyone.


For GMP machinery:
  • Regular Steam Autoclaves type RSA
  • Terminal Sterilizers type TS-AS and TS-OW
  • Dry Heat Sterilizers type DHS
  • Tray Dryers type TD
  • Clean Steam Generators type CSG
For the lab range:
  • Saturated steam autoclaves type NEBULA

And also:

  • Etihelene Oxyde Sterilizers type ETO

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RSA Regular Steam Autoclaves
DHS - Dry Heat Sterilizer | LAST Technology
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