Food and Pharma Systems

FPS  - Food and Pharma Systems

FPS Food and Pharma Systems is a leading company in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical fields, developing, manufacturing and installing worldwide its own range of Containment Solutions (sterile and highly toxic API) and Fine Size Reduction machines.

Founded in 2002, aims to develop, design and supply systems to improve process results and optimize energy use, respecting man and environment. 

Over 15 years the company developed its own range of proprietary equipment, introducing innovations in the jet mill use and supporting food, chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the introduction of containment technologies in their manufacturing processes.

Containment is an issue more and more addressed by authorities and companies in fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries with increasing demand. Product protection, as well as environment and operator protection, are the driving requirements in new projects or in equipment re-vamping.

We offer a complete range of containment systems that satisfies all possible needs and requirements.

Micronization technology has brought great developments in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, energy and aerospace industry.

The trend to reduce the size of powders below 100µm is continuously increasing given the advantages such as bio-availability, dispersion (aerosols) in pharmaceutical applications, dispersion, blending effect, adherence, lasting effect and silky touch for cosmetic applications, increased surface area for other applications.



  • Isolators for API and HPAPI Primary Production
  • Isolators for HPAPI Formulation and Packaging
  • Isolators for sterile applications
  • Laminar flow booths and Containment Booths
  • Pack-off systems, to safely discharge and pack powders
  • Cleanrooms (as general operation environment)
  • Inert Gas Containment systems.


  • Spiral Jet mill
  • Loop mill
  • Mechanical Mill
  • Multimilling Platform
  • Milling isolator