Elettracqua was established in 1966. Its business is mainly focused on the industrial segment, with design and construction of systems for primary water treatment.

The systems manufactured can be employed in different industrial segments. However, in the past fifteen years, in order to better meet top quality needs of some industrial applications with strong economic strategic values, Elettracqua heavily invested in the research and development of "integrated" pure and ultrapure water systems.

Due to strong commitment towards specialization and the development of a top level technological know-how, Elettracqua is now a leading company in the supply of pure and ultrapure systems for several high-technology industrial segments, like the Pharmaceutical industry, Biotechnology applications, Microelectronics/semiconductors fabrication, Electric/power production, Cosmetics companies.

Purified water systems, Double pass Reverse osmosis systems packages, Reverse osmosis and elettrodeionization (CEDI) hot water sanitizable, ultrafiltration, multiple effect distillation units, Pure steam generators, storage and distribution loop, complete turn kes projects, Validation IQ, OQ.



  • Pretreatment 
  • Reverse Osmosis 
  • Elettrodeionization (ELDI) 
  • Ultrafiltration 
  • Distillation units 
  • Pure steam generators 
  • Storage tank and distribution loop
  • Clean steam generators